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Do you need to search the electoral roll? Maybe you need to find a persons address or track down a long lost friend or relative. Online electoral roll searches are free to try and if you want the full address details for the person you have found these can then be viewed for a few pence.

The only way you can search the electoral roll for free is to visit in person the local council offices (in the area you need to search in) and arrange a supervised inspection of the roll. This is time consuming, laborious and potentially expensive if you take into account travelling expenses etc.

An online electoral roll search can be carried out in seconds and is relatively cheap. In order to search you just need to type into the box in the top right of this page, the persons name and their last known location.

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Free Electoral Roll Search

Searching the Electoral Roll is easy.

To search the electoral roll you only need the persons first name and if possible an idea where they may be living for example a radius of 22 miles from Buxton.

Go to " Free Electoral Roll " or click on the 192 banners to start your Electoral Roll search they are not free but only cost a few pence each and details are instant.